A new configuration of a laptop.

The most part of laptops have almost identical design.

It’s frequently inconvenient for creative work, especially such as a portrait photo,

 design of clothes, some kinds of furniture, joiner’s products and texts with an explanation of images

 or circuits, and etc. Other configuration of a laptop is necessary for this purpose.

 Connection of devices necessary for work is done on left or on the right side of a computer

 plus DVD is put forward sideways. Because of it near to a computer it is impossible to arrange the book,

 a tablet or other device and even a pure sheet of a paper. In the attached photo it is well visible.

 Even visibility of these wires is unpleasant. At work with the additional monitor

also there are inconveniences because of the different definition.

 There are no additional directions of movement of the cursor from one screen on another.

 Sometimes does not suffice USB plugs. In general existing design of a laptop is too uniform.

 This opinion of many users with which this question was discussed.

 I’ve developed more suitable idea of a laptop for many types of creative work.

 If it interests you, please write. Thank you very much.

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