Structural-parametric synthesis of the description of machining of machine-building details

The task of parameterization is to find the best possible variants of the values ​​of the variable details of the information models of transitions that are designed. When using SAPR_2020 information models of designed transitions among many previously assigned parameters, always have variable parameters. Thus, when designing turning in SAPR_2020, the information model of the transition stores information about: the material of the part (group, which includes a given brand of material, mechanical characteristics, etc.), the machine and its characteristics on which processing, operation code, diameter processing together with the requirements of accuracy (tolerance field), allowance or diameter of the workpiece, surface length, surface roughness requirements, the scheme of fixing the workpiece (3 options) and the size of the "departure" from the cartridge, the presence or absence of crust on the surface preparation (second version), the application does not use lubricating fluid (second version), the design of the tool (8 - m options), size and cross-section and its holder. (11 options), the material of the cutting part of the cutter (for 8 options of 23 brands, combined into 29 groups), the radius at the top of the cutter, the thickness of the hard alloy plate and the size of the main and auxiliary angle in the plan. In total, 18 requisites are considered. Six of them have alternatives (their number is given above). Thus, the total number of alternative combinations of variable parameters may be 8448 variants. Capabilities of SAPR_2020 allow to carry out research of influence of values ​​of separate requisites on economic indicators of transition. Having researched the conducted researches there is an opportunity to choose desirable values ​​of requisites.



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